The Resilient40 is a multidisciplinary network of African and diaspora young professional climate action leaders formulated in 2019, who are in partnership and driven by a common goal of promoting climate resilience in Africa. The Resilient40 functions as a network of young climate leaders and activists to provide a formal platform for the underrepresented African youth voices in climate change advocacy, particularly in climate resilience and adaptation. The network comprises youth from 29 African countries and spreading further in collaboration with regional youth, development and civil society stakeholders.

We are a unique diverse cross-sectoral group of passionate individuals committed to working with communities on climate, and making their voices heard across Africa and globally.

The Resilient40 as a network provides a formal platform for actively guiding and directing the voices and work of young people on climate change across the continent of Africa, through broader consultations and engagements at high level decision making processes with key continental and global stakeholders. The Resilient40 view the climate crisis as an additional motivation for the need for transformation, while ‘resilience’ encompasses wider issues and agendas; social, community, natural, and global resilience to shock or change. 


To create a platform of youth-inclusive participation across Africa to promote Innovation, ideas, knowledge-sharing, intergenerational collaboration and accountability in response to the current climate crisis.


Our mission is three-fold:

  1. To mobilise, lobby and influence decision-makers to take ambitious action for nature and climate by 2030 that creates co-benefits for social and human well-being;
  2. To elevate the voices of global south youth by providing a platform to share their stories and have them be heard; and,
  3. To bridge youth action between the biodiversity and climate movements, while building their capacity as stewards for nature and climate.