Understanding the role of Youth in Achieving Africa’s Climate Actions.

This survey is distributed as part of a project by The Resilient40 (R40), whose focus is to develop a youth-friendly NDC checklist for policymakers while also providing valuable insights into how meaningful youth engagement in nationally determined contributions (NDC) processes should occur – from formulation to implementation. It also aims to understand the youth’s contributions towards Africa’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and their awareness of the NDCs’ objectives.

What are NDCs:

NDCs are commitments made by a country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to climate change, and promote sustainable development.

The results of this survey will highlight successful cases of engaging young people in formulating NDCs as well as executing them at both national and international levels. It will also provide tools and techniques on how best to incorporate youth voices throughout the process, so that their contributions are fully taken into account when deciding on policies or measures related to climate change.

For the scope of this survey, we consider young people individuals between 15 to 35 years old.

In case you want to provide more information than what you would like to share in the form, feel free to contact The Resilient40 secretariat at info@resilient40.org.

All collected data is kept anonymised and according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union) privacy standards.

Thank you for participating in this survey. Your feedback is valuable in helping us understand the youth’s contributions towards Africa’s NDCs and identifying ways to improve youth involvement in climate action initiatives.




Theme: Achieving Climate Justice through Meaningful and inclusive Youth Engagement;
VENUE: Safari Park Hotel
TENTATIVE DATES: 2nd – 3rd September, 2023


THEME: Youth-Led Climate Action: Charting a Sustainable Future for Africa
Towards a Climate Resilient Planet: Harnessing the Power of African

21 January – Resilient 40: Reconnecting post COP26, and building momentum to COP27

Two years on since the Resilient40 last met in person in Addis Ababa the group will reconvene, virtually to build on their successes as a network. It will be an opportunity to discuss the outcome of COP26, and take the next steps to build the network and its activities in the run up to COP27 in Egypt

16-23 September 2020 – Resilient40 virtual summit: Tunakutana for climate resilience

Talking about food: security, solutions and systems (22 September 2020)

The Resilient40 are pleased to host their second virtual summit: Tunakutana for Climate Resilience, 16-23 September 2020. Climate changemakers hosted public virtual discussions focusing on an array of topics, from climate finance and just recovery, to building resilience to disasters and climate change. For more information, visit the Resilient40 website.

Wilton Park are delighted to be supporting the R40 summit, along with the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

May 2020 – Climate change in Africa: opportunities & challenges

The first R40 virtual summit was delivered by them, with support from Wilton Park, and hosted a variety of expert speakers, focusing on just transition & energy, disaster risks management (COVID19) and climate change governance.

Resilient 40 article on Covid19, Climate Change and Africa’s Multifaceted Vulnerability

January 2020 – Climate change in Africa: opportunities & challenges

The second time the Resilient40 met was in January 2020, at the beautiful Kuriftu Resort in Bishoftu, Ethiopia 62 participants representing 29 African countries plus individuals from UK met to identify practical ways they can build climate resilience across Africa.

This meeting was intended to strengthen and nourish the network established in March 2019. Collaboration with the British Embassy in Addis Ababa resulted in the group creating crucial links with the African Union and the African Union Youth Envoy.

Wilton Park worked with the United Kingdom’s (UK) Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development (DFID). With the UK hosting COP26, FCO and DFID stay dedicated to lifting #R40 voices on the international stage and we hope to continue supporting the group on their journey.


March 2019 – The Alternative Africa Climate Week: 40 under 40 to build resilience

The group met for the first time in March 2019 in South Africa. Convened by Wilton Park, The Alternative Africa Climate Week: 40 under 40 to build resilience brought together young leaders from 11 African countries to discuss how to build greater resilience in Africa to cope with climate change.

The aim of this first dialogue was to provide a platform for the emerging generation of leaders to discuss how individuals, societies, and governments can become more resilient in their responses to climate change.

The group were joined by some British experts to build connections between the UK and Africa on climate and help strengthen the case for collaborative international action. Sharing expertise and setting out their agenda for resilience the group of changemakers named themselves Resilient40. Wilton Park convened this group in partnership with the Africa Climate Reality Project and the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Blog – What is Britain’s place in the world? Climate resilience and soft power – by participant Dustin Benton was featured in the Green Alliance’s ‘Inside Track’.